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Arnie Arnold is an Australian artist who has exhibited for over 20 years.  He paints, collages with vintage imagery, and creates sculpture from found and collected objects.

A fascination with bold graphic imagery, nostalgia and memory are mixed in with an adult sensibility that enable Arnold’s work to morph symbolism and mythology.  There exists a desire to unlock the unseen, merging the old and the new, to create interesting contemporary forms. 

Arnie spent the last fours years working on his practice in his Woollahra warehouse studio and recently has become part of the The Space in Alexandria. From these studios, Arnie has collected, created and explored his contemporary art practice.  His huge collection of books and resource materials have lent themselves to his upcoming show (The Other Art Fair).

Arnie is a renowned collector who lives in Paddington.  His practice originates from a traditional background as a professional old-style sign writer. Arnie has exhibited through numerous galleries in Sydney and Melbourne, and is currently exhibiting at Art Fairs.


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